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Teaching Schedule:

Stonestown Family YMCA

San Francisco, Ca

First Friday of each month 8am-10am

Chinatown YMCA

San Francisco, Ca

Thursdays 9:30am-12pm

Peninsula Del Rey

Senior Living Community

Daly City, Ca

Fridays 10:30am -11:30am

Private Lessons by appointment


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Sifu Kiyoko Hancock



Blog: Notes From the Epicenter

Good in the Beginning,

Good in the Middle,

Good in the End:

Moments In Time

-by Sifu Kiyoko Hancock

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A memoir by Taichi master and CMAT gold medalist, Sifu Kiyoko Hancock’s book, “Good In The Beginning, Good In The Middle, Good In The End” is a story that asks the question "Who Am I?"  Beautifully illustrated, the “Good Book” is an inspirational journey that explores growing up Japanese American in the United States after World War II.

Through a series of personal stories that illustrate how people, seen and unseen in your life, help to define and shape the character, substance, and meaning of your life, the author’s insightful vignettes illuminate the past, point to the future, and heal the heart.

The Japanese have a name for this way of thinking, “Okagesama: I am what I am because of you.” While this book is Sifu Kiyoko’s story, it is really the story of all of us: Good in the beginning.  Good In the middle.  Good in the end.  Thanks to you.

Reviews and Comments:

"This book is about navigating a ‘“real” life through challenging times that will touch your heart and open your mind...just as it did mine."

-Khenpo Paljor Gyatso,

Founder and Spiritual Director

Larung Ogmin Dechen Ling Buddhist Center, California.

“I enjoyed Kiyoko’s book and have great admiration for her process, determination, and courage. Kiyoko's account of her life reflects the lotus...extreme challenges...yet she was able to select that which was   life-giving to become the heartfelt and accomplished person she is now. This book is a product of creative art, artistic talent and presentation, and should be treasured!”

                   - Dr.Effie Chow,PhD, Qigong Grandmaster,

Founder and President of the East West Academy of Healing Arts, San Francisco, California

Good In The Beginning, Good In The Middle, Good In The End:

Moments In Time