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Teaching Schedule:

Stonestown Family YMCA

San Francisco, Ca

First Friday of each month 8am-10am

Chinatown YMCA

San Francisco, Ca

Thursdays 9:30am-12pm

Peninsula Del Rey

Senior Living Community

Daly City, Ca

Fridays 10:30am -11:30am

Private Lessons by appointment


Contact Info:

Sifu Kiyoko Hancock



Blog: Notes From the Epicenter

Good in the Beginning,

Good in the Middle,

Good in the End:

Moments In Time

-by Sifu Kiyoko Hancock

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Stonestown Family YMCA

333 Eucalyptus Drive,

San Francisco, California  94132

415-242-7100 ( Front Desk )

Chen Style Taiji and Meditation class held in Peterson Room, Senior Annex temporarily

8am -10am first Friday of every month

Beginning and intermediate students

More info about additional classes, Workshops, and new room assignment coming soon...


Chinatown YMCA

855 Sacramento St

San Francisco, California 94108

415-576-9622 ( Welcome Center )

Chen style Taiji, Chen Silk Reeling Exercises, Chen Hunyuan 13, Taiji Ruler, Hunyuan walking meditation and Qigong practices

Thursdays 9:30am - Noon ( WEEKLY )

Beginning and Intermediate students

Class held in Wellness Center,  Studio A

More info about additional classes and Workshops coming soon....


Peninsula Del Rey Senior Living Community

165 Pierce Street

Daly City, California  94015


Fridays at 10:30am -11:30am ( WEEKLY )

Seniors only

Class held in Multi Purpose Room


Private lessons by appointment only  

Email Sifu Kiyoko for more information at: